Marcus Zimmer

Zimmer_Marcus.First American

Honoree: Marcus Zimmer

Honored by: First American

Marcus Zimmer is a dedicated First American employee who genuinely cares for his community. Logging 500 hours of community service in the past nine months, he has been involved in a wide assortment of activities: participating in a community band, volunteering with his church, and supporting foster children at the Royal Family Kids camp. Volunteering and serving others is a way of life for Marcus. He has been playing the trombone for the Gold West Pops band for the last 14 Zimmer_Marcus.First American2.jpgyears and has served on their Board of Directors for almost as long. His commitment to serving in his church led him to volunteer for the Royal Family Kids Camp, an organization dedicated to creating life-changing moments for children of abuse. For one week each year, Marcus faces the blistering desert heat in order to make meaningful, life-changing experiences for children in need of hope. Marcus’s passion and enthusiasm inspires courage in those around him. When asked what he finds most rewarding about the volunteer work he does, Marcus replied, “I love helping others maximize their potential. People often sell themselves short but with a little assistance and training, they are always amazed at what they can achieve. I like being that person who is able to help them achieve more than they thought was possible.” Not only does he inspire hope through his volunteer efforts, he motivates friends and coworkers to volunteer as well. Marcus is truly a beacon of hope and an inspiration for those around him and we are proud to have him as a member of the First American team!



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