Myint Thein

Thein_Myint.Wells Fargo

Honoree: Myint Thein

Honored by: Wells Fargo

Myint Thein volunteers to help the monks at the temple by allowing them more time for meditation and enlightenment. She is valued beyond compare. Her daughter says: “My mother has a passion for cooking, and on Saturdays and Sundays she helps out with cooking and preparing food for donation during ceremonies and event for attendees at the temple. On an average, she and her friends cook for an average of 300 people.” Myint is very dedicated and has set a great example of giving back and volunteering to the younger generation in our community. She is not afraid to step up and lead her group of friends to get things done, and she volunteers at various events by cleaning, cooking, and organizing at the temple. We can always rely on her and her commitments on the weekends. As a non-profit Buddhist organization, our community is run by selfless committed volunteers like her. She is one of the most personable and welcoming volunteers that we have at the temple. We are very proud to nominate her since we know her time and commitment deserves recognition.

Myint is a very charitable person. In our office at Wells Fargo, her service to the community does not go unnoticed. She has inspired many individuals within our department to donate their time to events through the Wells Fargo Volunteers program. Her inspiration during the CASA gift drive encouraged many of our team members to donate gifts. Her passion in the gift wrapping event got others to help in similar events throughout the month. Every year, she goes out of her way to give food to the homeless on her birthday. She purchases pizza, chips, and drinks to hand out to the homeless as a way of giving back to those less fortunate than her. She’s a selfless person that goes out of her way every day to make people happy. She is cheerful, selfless, and kind to everyone around her. She feels blessed by the life she leads here and gives back to her community every year. Her contributions to the community are a way of giving back for all those that have helped her over the years. I feel grateful to have her as a friend and always look to her for inspiration.


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