Pauline Schara

Schara_Pauline.Working Wardrobes.jpg

Honoree: Pauline Schara

Honored by: Working Wardrobes

Cause Area: Workforce Development & Financial Literacy

Pauline is more than a volunteer at Working Wardrobes; she is part of our family. Pauline is a rare, exceptional individual whom everyone gravitates toward. Her sunny, vibrant personality matches her delightfully colorful makeup and wardrobe-usually blue!-and you can’t help but light up when you see her. Pauline’s contagious happiness is seen in the smiling faces of the clients she assists each and every week. Pauline’s service takes many forms, including, but not limited to, volunteering as a Personal Shopper with our clients for interview appropriate attire, collecting clothing and accessory donations from her family and friends, spearheading our Corporate & Community Advocates endeavors, heading up our 25th Anniversary Gala committee and commanding our fundraising efforts. Her volunteer service has a ripple effect that impacts our internal and external community of staff, volunteers, donors, community leaders and most importantly…our clients. Pauline treats each and every person as though they deserve to be cherished; because she truly believes that they do.


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