RJ Arsecularatne

Arsecularatne_RJ.Capital Group

Honoree: RJ Arsecularatne

Honored by: Capital Group Companies

RJ is a leader on the Capital Group’s Irvine campus of 2,000 associates in promoting Capital’s commitment to charitable giving and community involvement. He walks the talk and talks the walk by encouraging others to get involved in order to leverage the strength of our entire organization and make a difference in our communities and the world. He demonstrated significant personal commitment to preparing himself to be a board member by participating in the 10 month long Riordan program to develop future board members. He has been actively involved personally as an advisory board member for the Festival of Children Foundation helping underserved children in the community. He also actively serves as an advisory board member for the Wyland Foundation and volunteers on the front lines with community events. His passion and enthusiasm is inspiring and motivating for many others within our organization.


2 thoughts on “RJ Arsecularatne

  1. RJ, Congratulations on well deserved honor. You embody the spirit of volunteerism and community support that American Funds and Capital Group seek to foster and encourage. Thanks for being such an outstanding role model for others on our campus and in the community.


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