Sandra Garcia

Garcia_Sandra.Hub International.png

Honoree: Sandra Garcia

Honored by: HUB International Insurance Services Inc.

Sandra took on the role of Employee Engagement Chairperson for HUB’s Newport Beach office for the last four plus years. Since moving four locations together under one roof in Newport Beach, Sandra recruited a group of volunteers within our office to develop our Employee Engagement Committee. This group had not worked together in the past so they came together as a unit for the sole purpose of unifying the office. They identified programs in which the office could participate in giving back to the community. Sandra has put in so many of her own personal hours to develop camaraderie between departments within the office. She and her team make sure each holiday is celebrated appropriately and always intertwines an element of “giving back” within each theme. Now that OneOC is our charity of choice going forward, Sandra is working hard to identify new ways in which HUB can participate within the community. She has endlessly recruited more volunteers within the office and has, singlehandedly, developed a meaningful Employee Engagement initiative by developing a team of dedicated people who have grown the program from a grass roots level to one in which the office celebrates and waits to participate. Building an Employee Engagement Program from scratch and recruiting a great team who helped bring an office together, is a selfless task that should be recognized and rewarded. Sandra Garcia is the person who made it happen for HUB-Newport Beach.


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