Sara Bangloria


Honoree: Sara Bangloria

Honored by: PAAMCO

I had the opportunity to work with Sara on project fulfilling a corporate initiative of philanthropy and community awareness. This particular project was an in-house corporate volunteer day filling backpacks with school supplies for the Olive Crest Academy, a local private school benefiting a student population of severely emotional disturbed, autistic and behavioral IEP students from Kindergarten through high school. During our kick-off meeting for this project, Sara showed sincere excitement and true engagementBangloria_Sara.PAAMCO2 in the opportunity. While Sara had not assumed responsible for such a large scale project like this before, she approached and attacked it with the heart of a veteran. As a result of this leadership, Sara, and a fellow analyst, thoughtfully designed a companywide event totaling over $10,000 worth of school supplies. They liaised with Olive Crest leadership, recruited additional PAAMCO volunteers, and were able to stuff 160 backpacks and design Spirit Signs. The Spirit Signs were Sara’s idea and the school was over the moon with the love and support.




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