Tasha McCullough

McCullough_Tasha.Wells fargo

Honoree: Tasha McCullough

Honored by: Wells Fargo

Tasha McCullough has earned the respect and gratitude of those she serves. She is dedicated to many organizations and has dedicated time to various charities and events throughout the Orange County community. She even goes out of her way to motivate and encourage others to serve their community by recruiting and inspiring her co-workers at Wells Fargo, her friends, and her family, to volunteer. She is always looking for new charities to offer her time and assistance. Tasha is usually the first to step up for our volunteer events. She is a leader in our community and has volunteered for CAPC at Families Helping Families and Special Olympics events for the lMcCullough_Tasha.Wells fargo2ast five years. She is a tremendous support, donating valuable volunteer hours to these very worthy organizations. While volunteering at CAPC she served as a Lead Volunteer and provided support in multiple ways: sorting and wrapping donations, making deliveries, distributing presents, and providing training and assistance to new volunteers. She is willing and ready to do whatever is needed. She is also a key lead volunteer at our annual Family Volunteer Day at the OC Food Bank. She has volunteered at organizations including: Special Olympics Events, Grandmas House of Hope, OC Council on Aging, Orange County Food Bank, The LA Mission, and CAPC, just to name a few. Because of her efforts, I believe she is worthy of the honor of being nominated for the Spirit of Volunteerism awards. Tasha is simply one of those people that truly believe in helping others, regardless of the cause, and whole heartedly believes it is better to give than to receive. She has an uncanny ability to inspire and motivate people to serve, which benefits the community as a whole.



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