Team JCC Cares

Team JCC Cares.Families Forward

Team Name: JCC Cares

Honored by: Families Forward

Cause Area: Hunger & Homelessness

JCC Cares is the community service program of the Merage Jewish Community Center of Orange County. Its mission is to bring people together to make a difference in the community by volunteering at various Orange County organizations. JCC Cares began their partnership with Families Forward in 2010. Many of the volunteers of JCC Cares knew of Families Forward as an organization in the local community and some of the volunteers of JCC Cares had served on the Families Forward Board of Directors. JCC Cares has offered a lot of support and commitment to Families Forward over the years in many different capacities. They have supported our programs and the organization as a whole, which demonstrates their understanding of the needs in the community. JCC Cares works in our food pantry, sorting, organizing, and processing food donations. They have also hosted food drives on our behalf. Additionally, JCC Cares has a commitment to our Thanksgiving Basket Program. On our Big Thanksgiving Basket Distribution days they prepare and distribute the baskets to our families and clients.

JCC Cares has found ways to support Families Forward off-site in creative and helpful ways. At their own Community Service Day, they assemble toiletry packages and donate them to the families and individuals in Families Forward’s programs. JCC Cares also has a particular interest in our housing program. Their volunteers prepare our homes for when new families move into them. In conjunction with the volunteer work in our homes, they also prepare welcome baskets for the new families which include household items such as cleaning supplies, food items, towels, sheets, and much more. JCC Cares also invited some of our female clients to their own Day of Self Esteem where they treat women to a day of haircuts, manicures, lunch, and clothing shopping.

Some of the JCC Cares volunteers enjoy their group work with Families Forward so much that they volunteer with Families Forward on an individual basis. In particular, several JCC Cares volunteers work in our office at our front desk. They are taking their commitment and support of the organization to the next level and we are forever grateful and appreciative. JCC Cares and Families Forward work side by side in a strong partnership to provide families in need with the tools and skills to get back on their feet and step confidently back into society. We are so grateful to JCC Cares and Nancy Chase for engaging their volunteers to constantly give their skills, time, donations, and hearts to Families Forward and our community! The JCC Cares volunteers love volunteering at Families Forward because they see what a difference they can make in the lives of families in need. They know when they come to Families Forward they have a job to get done and understand they are making a difference in everything they do for us. We sincerely appreciate all of their support, hard work, compassion, and dedication to our families and clients that we serve.


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