Team Operation Sparkle

Team Operation Sparkle.Disney

Team Name: Operation Sparkle

Team Member Names: Mike Montero, Diane McNally, David Oldfield, Michelle Judd, Patti Ormiston, Steven Clark, Mike Knudson

Honored by: Disneyland Resort

Mike Montero, team leader, has the biggest heart in the world for all things caring and loving. In this case, he is focused on the United States Marines left on base during the holidays without family. Mike’s team decks out the Camp Pendleton community center inside and out for Christmas. He and his core team spend countless hours prepping and gathering donated supplies and dollars for this beautiful cause. The final exhibit was strikingly beautiful, enough to bring tears to the eyes of thTeam Operation Sparkle.Disney2e most jaded soldiers. I know the team made a huge difference to the hundreds of Marines who couldn’t take leave for the holidays. Morale shot up for our brave soldiers and service people! The Camp Pendleton community center is for enlisted personnel only, the often overlooked group of heroes. Walt Disney had a dedication to all things patriotic, especially our military personnel. Operation Sparkle continues Walt’s dedication to heritage and tradition, established so many years ago.



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