Tracy McDonald

McDonald_Tracy.Capital Group

Honoree: Tracy McDonald

Honored by: Capital Group Companies

Tracy has the courage and determination to rise to the most significant traumas that people face in their lives. For years she has responded to calls at any hour of any day to rush to hospitals, crash sites, and homes of families who have lost loved ones or whose loved ones are in peril. Through her work with the Trauma Intervention Program, a key partner for our Emergency responders and hospitals, she helps people navigate through their traumas. Her maturity and experience over many years have allowed her to not only provide comfort for hundreds of individuals coping with unprecedented crises but also to become a lead volunteer and provide support for the broader TIP organization.


2 thoughts on “Tracy McDonald

  1. Tracy, Congratulations on your nomination this year. For years now you have inspired so many associates here at Capital with the work you do with the Trauma Intervention Program. The rest of us mere mortals can’t imagine how you have the maturity to jump into the mix of chaotic accidents and traumas to comfort and guide people who’s lives have just been completed turned upside down. You are simply amazing and the care and love that you show to others that you don’t even know is invaluable. Keep up the amazing work you do with TIP!


  2. Tracy, Congratulations on your well deserved nomination! Your passion to help others during difficult situations is extremely inspiring! I commend you on all of your humanitarian support!
    The world needs more people like you! Thank you!


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