Virginia DePaola

DePaola_Virginia.Wells fargo

Honoree: Virginia DePaola

Honored by: Wells Fargo

In 2010, Virginia DePaola reached out to the Orange County regional office and asked if Wells Fargo could help in some way. Needless to say, rare are the days when a representative of a major corporation calls to offer support. At the Orange County Spring Regional Games, Virginia recruited Wells Fargo volunteers to help with the opening ceremony, volunteer check-in, and participated in a variety of roles in the track and field athletic events. She has also been involved in the Family Fun Zone. Our Volunteer Manager holds an annual meeting with Virginia, and maintains regular communication with Virginia throughout the year. Additionally, on different occasions, Virginia has volunteered on our Games Management Team which is comprised of twenty to twenty-five volunteers who organize and coordinate the Spring Regional Games. While most of our volunteer partners help at the competition during the year, Virginia can be counted on to support numerous events. Over the last six years, Wells Fargo staff volunteered in a variety of regional and school-based competitions and fundraising events including: Fall School Basketball Games, Bowling Games, OC Spring Regional Games, Columbus Day Drive, Summer Championships, Fall Championships, 2015 Special Olympics World Games (in Los Angeles), Special Olympics on Parade, and Turkey Bowls. Thanks to Virginia and Wells Fargo volunteers, we can provide a first-class sport and learning experience for the athletes.


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