Celine Castellano

Castellano_Celine.Council on Aging.JPG

Honoree: Celine Castellano

Honored by: Council on Aging – Orange County

Cause Area: Human Services

Celine has been a Caring Connections Friendly Visitor Volunteer for almost two years. She preforms weekly home visits to her matched clients with passion and dedication. She also finished her internship with us for the Fall 2015 semester. She came to the office twice a week to make reassurance calls to our participants. By making weekly phone visitations, Celine was able to brighten the day of our lonely seniors in Orange County. Her hard work and dedication show her compassion and love for the population we serve. She always shows such a positive attitude and eagerness to help others during the time she volunteered and interned with us. Celine has been a tremendous asset to our program. She is a shinning example of what our volunteers represent. She is someone that I can always count to actively engage participants in positive conversations through our weekly home and phone visitations. Celine’s unique ability to understand the needs of our vulnerable population is evident in her patient, caring and compassionate interaction with our participants. We are fortunate to have her as part of our family of volunteers.


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