Dan Martin

Martin_Dan.Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach.jpg

Honoree: Dan Martin

Honored by: Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach

Cause Area: Youth Services

Dan Martin was new to the Union Bank of Laguna Beach and wanted to get more involved with his community. He was invited to take a tour of the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach. Dan had never been inside a Boys & Girls Club before, so he wanted to take the opportunity to experience the Club himself. He was amazed at all the youth programs that were available to members. Dan specifically remembers his time chatting with a young member who educated him by naming all the U.S. Presidents. He was so impressed by the energy and enthusiasm from the kids, that he knew this was the organization he wanted to be part of. Soon after, he committed his time to the Club by serving as the Endowment Chair for the Club’s Board of Directors. Serving on the Board since 2013, he has made a huge impact on leading the endowment team on the path to success. Dan also supports the Club through his job at Union Bank and provides grants for our youth development programs. He has helped the Club reach its goal of increasing its endowment. He also uses his time to attend training camps for non-profit business training, so he can expand his skills in non-profit management to help the Club excel to the best of its ability.


One thought on “Dan Martin

  1. Thanks to your dedication the children of this organization are learning things about themselves and the world. Your hard work is much appreciated!


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