Dora Moran

Honoree: Dora Moran

Honored by: Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP

Dora Moran volunteers her time in conjunction with The Sisters Company of Mary in Orange County to visit troubled youth in juvenile hall. In addition to taking them food on her visits, she spends one-on-one time with them by listening, singing, playing music, and praying with them. Many of those in juvenile hall have not had visitors for months, and often times, a year. Dora not only provides friendship and mentoring on her visits, she provides an opportunity for the kids to talk to her without any judgments. On one particular visit, she and her husband took one of their guitars along with them and a young man asked if he could play it. They allowed him to play their guitar and he began to sing for the entire group. Soon thereafter, others wanted to showcase their talents and it quickly became an impromptu talent show which everyone enjoyed. Dora also is a member of the choir she and her husband started out of their garage. The group often visits nursing homes and hospitals (especially around the holidays) to sing songs in hopes of uplifting those who may need it.


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