Edith Bird

Bird_Edith.Assistance League of Newport Mesa

Honoree: Edith Bird

Honored by: Assistance League of Newport-Mesa

Cause Area: Human Services

With a consistently fun attitude and remarkable talent, Edith is a driving force in our Thrift Shop. The unique volunteer-run thrift shop is the league’s main source of income as we strive to meet the critical needs of children and families in the Newport-Mesa School District. Joining Chapter in 1994, Edith quickly became a “go-to” volunteer in the Thrift Shop; the group of ladies she bonded with still count among her special friends. Her talents Version 2are often recognized as she has overseen many shop improvements over the years, as well as been an amazing mentor to those volunteers who are new to Assistance League. Edith believes wholeheartedly in Assistance League of Newport-Mesa and its mission to reach the young people who are in need in our community. Edith exemplifies the Assistance League volunteer. She believes the fact that it is a “hands on” organization makes it even more meaningful for the volunteers. With 75 years of ongoing service in the community, Assistance League of Newport-Mesa will be around for a long time. And with volunteers like Edith Bird, giving over 20 years of service, it is a joy to celebrate the power of the volunteer to evoke positive change in the world.



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