Fadia Wahid

Wahid_Fadia.Access California

Honoree: Fadia Wahid

Honored by: Access California Services

Cause Area: Human Services

For close to a decade, Fadia Wahid has wholeheartedly and selflessly volunteered as Access California Services’ (AccessCal) Silent Auction Coordinator for AccessCal’s annual fundraising gala. The fundraising gala is our organization’s annual opportunity to raise unrestricted funds; the funds go towards sustaining critical health and human services programs for the underserved and marginalized immigrant and refugee populations residing in Orange County. A key element of the gala is the silent auction. Although the silent auction happens once per year, the preparation of this auction is year-round. A full-time mother, and full-time employee, Fadia still contributes close to 250 hours of service per year towards organizing the silent auction. As the Silent Auction Coordinator, Fadia leads and directs the collection, listing, and bidding of silent auction items. Fadia spends countless hours on soliciting donations from community members and major companies either through online applications or even by going from door to door of various stores such as: Kate Spade, Disney, SeaWorld, Fairmont Hotels, Sephora, Southwest Airlines, and Juicy Couture. Fadia, along with her team of volunteers, who she recruits from the community, maintain records on donations, establish prices and minimum bid information on items, and ensure the timely setup and display of all silent auction items on the day of the event. Fadia also works with the venue staff to ensure the logistics of the auction. From establishing a timeline and creating a layout for the silent auction space to requesting furniture needs, Fadia does everything in her power to ensure a successful silent auction. Even during the event, Fadia does not stop to rest. She works with her team of volunteers to monitor the auction, encourage bidding, finalize bid sheets, and coordinate payment and item pick-up. Once the gala is over, Fadia volunteers more of her time to close out any pending purchases and pre-organizes for the following year. Fadia is one of our most dedicated volunteers and she is loved by all our staff. In fact, the main reason our staff members look forward to our annual fundraiser is because they are able to work closely with Fadia in organizing the auction. We have watched Fadia stay late at the office for several nights putting together the most beautiful gift baskets to ensure the auction is seen as elegant by our supporters and donors. From going to the store to purchase gift wrap to ensuring we have enough amazing items to auction, Fadia has been a reliable volunteer for 10 years and has helped AccessCal raise between $7,000 to $10,000, annually. Her positive energy and beautiful smile always encourage more volunteers and staff to join the silent auction team. Her contributions are endless and it’s hard to imagine a gala without her amazing leadership and selfless spirit.


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