Good Friends of Human Options

Good Friends of Human Options

Team Name: Good Friends of Human Options

Team Member Names: Katy Schoellerman, Joanne Keith, Margi Murray, Shelly Adermatt, Bobbie Evers, Pramila Gupta, Alix Jarrard, Patty Jessoe, Kathie Miller, Dottie Moss, Francene Osmena, Linda Rigg, Wendy Salter, Jean Wetmore, Madeline Wolfe

Honored by: Human Options

Cause Area: Human Services

For children living at an emergency shelter, celebrating a birthday or a holiday can make them feel forgotten and sad. But that has not been the case for children staying at the Human Options emergency shelter. For 27 years Good Friends of Human Options has made sure our children get a birthday party and celebrate holidays, as well as opportunities for summer camps and picnics. In addition to birthdays and holidays, Good Friends has met many needs for our families over the years. They have funded art therapy supplies for the children’s program, provided school supplies and backpacks, and even scholarships to technical school or college for children and women wishing to earn a degree and a chance for a better life. In addition to bringing hope and happiness to our shelter families, Good Friends has donated funds to everything from new carpet and paint to outdoor sports equipment, computer software, bedding and linens. They have provided family outing opportunities to places like Barclay Theater, the circus, and school field trips. Good Friends has also paid for oral surgeons, dentists, and eyeglasses for children who come to the shelter and need this type of care. They have thrown baptism parties, baby showers for expectant mothers, and stepped up to cover the cost of funeral expenses for a child. The Good Friends have played a critical role in helping Human Options truly bring safety, healing, and a way forward to our families. We are grateful for this opportunity to honor their service.


8 thoughts on “Good Friends of Human Options

  1. Such a great group of caring and supportive women! They’ve done SO much for Human Options’ clients! Congratulations!


  2. Human Options has been fortunate to partner with these amazing women. They have shown such love and compassion to families during their most vulnerable time. Thank you for always making sure that our families felt hope and love. Congratulations!


  3. Thank you for being part of the Human Options family and its journey. Its because of people like you that several families have healed and continue to do so. We deeply appreciate your contributions. Congratulations!


  4. We have been so fortunate to work with such a great group of caring individuals. This is a well-deserved honor and our entire team appreciates the commitment to our families and children over the years! Kudos, Good Friends! Thank you for everything!


  5. What great news! Human Options is very blessed to have such a caring group of committed individuals who have invested so much into the lives of women and children that come through our shelter. The positive impact you’ve had is immeasurable. Thank you for all you do!


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