Ivy Kim

Kim_Ivy.American Red Cross

Honoree: Ivy Kim

Honored by: American Red Cross

Cause Area: Human Services

When Ivy joined the Red Cross she took all the classes right away and started working as a Service to the Armed Forces caseworker as well as attending events. She never hesitated to jump in. All along she had been a full time college student. Even when she transferred to UC Riverside she decided to take the role as the volunteer lead for Service to the Armed Forces in Riverside. She has continued to volunteer in both areas, Orange County and Riverside County, and building trust with all those she meets. She is not only an SAF volunteer for Orange County, but the lead for SAF in Riverside and community educator for International Services attending and representing the Red Cross at various meetings such as the Moreno Valley Military Affairs Committee and Orange County Refugee Forum. Ivy has been a main recruiter for the Red Cross. She has recruited about 5 people this past year to join the Red Cross and easily wins their trust because she is reliable, smart and genuine. She is a full time college student doing really well in school but also taking on leadership roles in the Red Cross because she believes in the mission of the Red Cross. Thank you Ivy!!


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