Jenna Dewey

Dewey_Jenna.Boys & Girls Club of garden Grove

Honoree: Jenna Dewey

Honored by: Boys & Girls Clubs of Capistrano Valley

Cause Area: Youth Services

Jenna Dewey has been with our Family & Youth Outreach Program (FYOP) for over two years and has completed over 600 volunteer hours. She does an outstanding job working with the teens that come through the program. Jenna has had to provide counseling to a lot of resistant clients, but because of her ability to be patient and build a rapport with each of them, she is able to break down the barriers. She has succeeded with each one because she is viewed as understanding and a mentor to them. Jenna also puts in extra effort and does a great job of finding additional resources for our clients, in order to meet their needs. Jenna has excellent communication skills and is a great team player. Jenna is eager to continue helping teens reach their full potential and this is clearly shown through her hard work and dedication. Jenna is a great asset to the FYOP Team!


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