Judy Grant

Grant_Judy.Council on Aging

Honoree: Judy Grant

Honored by: Council on Aging/HICAP Program

Cause Area: Human Services

Judy Grant has been a registered HICAP Counselor, helping seniors navigate the Medicare system for our HICAP Program (Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program) for almost two years. She has been very enthusiastically involved and it seems that she has been here longer. Judy jumped right in, right from the start! She epitomizes what you would want in a volunteer. When asked recently, why she volunteers, this is what she said, “To me, being a HICAP Counselor means I get the opportunity to be in service and help others by sharing VERY important information about Medicare which helps ease the confusion and anxiety that so many people feel. If I can make people feel comfortable and relaxed about something, then I am a happy camper!” Judy provides individualized counseling to seniors at Lakeview Senior Center in Irvine, and she regularly answers questions about Medicare in the HICAP Call Center. She is a very positive individual with a golden heart. This is why I am nominating Judy for this honor. She exemplifies the Spirit of Volunteerism.


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