Millie Igarashi

Igarashi_Millie.Huntington Beach Senior Services

Honoree: Millie Igarashi

Honored by: Huntington Beach Senior Services

Cause Area: Human Services

Millie Igarashi began volunteering with Huntington Beach Senior Services in 2007 and has become an indispensable part of this organization. She is extremely generous with her time, her talent, and her resources. In 2015 she served 840 hours! Millie volunteers 3 to 4 mornings a week for the congregate lunch program. She registers the guests, directs the volunteer servers, and counts the donations and attendance. Because there is a large turn-over in part-time staff with the congregate lunch program, Millie’s consistency is indispensable. She not only trains new volunteers, she trains new staff! In between registering guests, Millie crochets and she patientlyIgarashi_Millie.Huntington Beach Senior Services2 teaches any senior or volunteer who shows an interest in learning. She donates the beautiful scarves she creates to the Bingo program, of which she is an avid player, for door prizes. However, she donates all her Bingo winnings back to Senior Services! Millie is extremely dedicated and helps to recruit volunteers when needed. If there is a need, she is the first to offer to help. She is also extremely organized and systematic; skills which help the lunch program run smoothly. Millie is very good with the senior guests who attend. Everyone knows Millie! She keeps order and gently reminds others to follow the rules of the program. Millie never gets ruffled but meets the demands of her position with composure. Staff raves about her performance and more than one staff person has proclaimed that they would cry if Millie left. “It would be a tremendous loss!” Staff and clients are appreciative of all that Millie does. She is the face of the lunch program!



4 thoughts on “Millie Igarashi

  1. Millie,
    Congratulations! You are an essential part of our lunch program. Thank you so much for all you do serving seniors!


  2. Those of us lucky enough to know Millie will know that this is a well deserved honor. Not just for the work and support for the senior center, but for so much more. We first met Millie in one of her other volunteer positions where she brings her compassion and friendship to others in need.
    Congratulations Millie for a well deserved honor. A mere “Thank You” will never be enough.


  3. Millie, how wonderful to know that the many hours you’ve freely given, plus given back through your Bingo winnings, are witnessed by the seniors who know they can come for lunch and frienships at the Senior Center! Thank you for your seemingly endless patience keeping things running smoothly. I’ve seen it each time I have had lunch at the Rodgers Sr Ctr. Congratulations!


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