Monica Bannister

Bannister_Monica.Children's Bureau.jpg

Honoree: Monica Bannister

Honored by: Children’s Bureau

Cause Area: Youth Services

Monica Bannister really embodies the definition of what community service is. Her leadership, compassion, and positive character have led her to accomplish great things in the Oak View Community. She has earned the trust from both partners and residents alike. Monica has done everything from volunteering to tutor children in the Oak View Elementary School and planning lunch celebrations for school teachers, to mobilizing over 100 volunteers to perform beautification projects in the community. She has not only built community cohesion within the Oak View Community by organizing family events that attract over 250 families; she has also begun introducing the greater Huntington Beach into the community. As a result, this has increased resources and capacity in the community. Monica has really become an exemplary community service leader and a great asset to the Oak View Community. Monica is an individual who is always willing to help in any community project no matter how small. She has volunteered many hours with Oak View Family Resource Center in order to assist the Youth Action Council, community members, local library, collaborative partners, and staff. Monica on many occasions not only volunteers her time but brings her family, friends, and church members to volunteer as well. Her passion for volunteerism is to be admired! Monica has made an enormous impact in the Oak View Community and has touched hundreds of families. Monica has headed the Annual Toy Shop at OV FRC which has provided hundreds of toys to over 300 families. Monica leads by example and her passion to the Oak View Community is significantly appreciated and respected.


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