Noha Boshra

Boshra_Noha.American red Cross

Honoree: Noha Boshra

Honored by: American Red Cross

Cause Area: Human Services

With years of Program Management experience in Egypt, by the time Noha Boshra came to America she knew she wanted to affect her new community through the American Red Cross. With a passion to empower clients to make educated decisions, Noha immediately teamed with intern Randy Tyer and created the Resource Directory Team. The Resource Directory Team identifies, researches, validates, and uploads no-cost and low-cost program information into the Red Cross Client Assistance System, CAS 2.0, enabling Caseworkers to immediately refer disaster clients to resources that could aid in their recovery. To create this, Noha developed a year-long three-phase development plan to identify the resources, training methods, and sustainability measures required of a new region-wide volunteer program. Noha exemplifies the SPIRIT of being a volunteer by always thinking of the client first. Her efforts have resulted in 25 agency uploads, hundreds of verified referrals, and a program model that has even attracted the attention of Youth Services. • Consistent dedicated service – comes every week, over 350 hours in 2015. • Managed seven (7) interns and trained more than ten (10) volunteers region-wide. • Introduced Disaster Cycle Services / Client Casework / Resource Directory Team to the Segerstrom High School Red Cross Club leaders – and then managed twelve (12) Club members over two-days to verify referral data. • Recruits volunteers in her daily life. • Leads by example, trains with patience and mentors with compassion. Noha is a true Red Crosser!!


5 thoughts on “Noha Boshra

  1. Wow. I remember when you first became a volunteer. Job well done. This is how the American Red Cross becomes better. Congratulations.


  2. Congratulations Noha! Well deserved and much appreciated! Your leadership and commitment will benefit hundreds of disaster clients throughout our Region. Thank you!


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