Randal Ijams

Ijams_Randall.American red Cross.jpg

Honoree: Randal Ijams

Honored by: American Red Cross

Cause Area: Human Services

Randall has represented Volunteer Services as a lead volunteer. He has built and trained the Orange County Volunteer Service team which consists of 8 members that work both from home and in the office. He has dedicated endless hours to Volunteer Connection, both for OC and the region, which includes one on one training as well as group training throughout the Desert to the Sea region. Randall is DTS Volunteer Connection zendesk!! He is the Volunteer Connection guru and we could not do it without him! Randall’s passion, hard work, and dedication for the Red Cross are contagious and he is an inspiration to both staff and volunteers. He is a long-time volunteer whose service to the Red Cross has touched many areas of the organization. He truly emulates One Red Cross. Thank you Randall!!


4 thoughts on “Randal Ijams

  1. You are amazing Randall! I don’t think any of us would know a thing about Volunteer Connection if it wasn’t for you… Thank you for your patience, persistence and faith. This recognition is so very well deserved. Enjoy and congratulations!


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