Sean Thomas

Thomas_Sean.OC Human Relations

Honoree: Sean Thomas

Honored by: OC Human Relations

Cause Area: Human Services

Sean Thomas has spent his life embracing and standing up for others. He is dedicated to OC Human Relations and its mission to build understanding and eliminate prejudice and discrimination in order to make Orange County a better place for ALL people. Recently appointed as Treasurer on our nonprofit’s Board of Directors, he goes above and beyond by volunteering limitless hours mediating conflict in local courts on behalf of our organization. Sean can often be found somewhere being active in the community, volunteering for us or other causes close to his heart, and committing his time to participating  in events so he can spread the word about the services we provide for people in need. Even more, a few months ago Sean was appointed a Commissioner of the County’s Human Relations Commission. Some of Sean’s gifts include being able to accept and love others unconditionally, putting those values in practice by tirelessly giving back to others, and finding connections between and with people. His never-ending enthusiasm, commitment, Thomas_Sean.OC Human Relations2ability to listen deeply, and passion make him an invaluable asset to OC Human Relations. He is beloved by many, because he lives by example. Time and again, he has recruited new volunteers, board members, and major donors to join our nonprofit’s community partners. Sean even chairs and cheer-leads our annual fundraising event’s Silent Auction committee, which is certainly no easy feat. With a multicultural Puerto Rican, Irish and Polish background, Sean learned as a child from his Italian, Polish, African American, and Jewish neighbors that even though we may have different words and ethnicities: “we can live together in peace.” As a courtroom mediator, Sean has been able to help people overcome difficult challenges. He is able to help bring light to conflict between people of diverse ages and backgrounds. As a result, his efforts help to keep conflicts that are resolvable out of the court system, which makes room for more serious cases to be heard by judges. It is with a full heart that we nominate Sean Thomas to be recognized for this honor. He continues to be a critical voice, leader, helper, incredible volunteer and determined fighter for inclusivity, diversity, respect, understanding and ultimately, human relations.



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