Amber Brown

Honoree: Amber Brown

Honored by: Junior League of Orange County California

Cause Area: Community & Capacity Building

As Junior League of Orange County (JLOCC) Impact OC Manager, Amber Brown supports the JLOCC mission, vision, and strategic plan by leading the charge to improve the community and diligently seeking project partners that provide an experience directly impacting those that we serve. She is also working with current partners to expand our role in their efforts to serve the community. She is dynamic, effective, and vibrant in her resolve to create a better volunteer experience for our membership. Amber is passionate about creating meaningful experiences for everyone involved in the project event. For example, Amber worked diligently with Working Wardrobes to include JLOCC in one of their styling events for underprivileged youth receiving their first interview suit. While we will continue to work in their distribution centers sorting clothes, Amber has provided new impactful ways for us to directly work with the individuals we strive to have an impact on. Other committees are working to restructure events to be more interactive with the community based on the efforts of Amber and Impact OC. Amber is always willing to step in and assist other Community Council Committees, which is praiseworthy when you consider the number of organizations requesting to partner with the League. Amber also helped train first time managers on how to get an event up and running in the League. She created a cheat sheet with necessary pre- and post-event requirements and day of event tasks and links to all relevant forms that need to be completed. The JLOCC is a better organization because of her determination and drive. She has a quiet strength and exudes a calming reassurance. No matter how critical or immense the challenge or task is when Amber says “I’ve got this”, we all know the job will be executed successfully with grace and perfection.


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