Bob Orozco

Orozco_Bob.Laguna Family YMCA

Honoree: Bob Orozco

Honored by: Laguna Family YMCA

Cause Area: Youth Services

Questions that I have taken a moment to consider about the individual I am submitting: Has he gone “above and beyond” recently while volunteering for the YMCA? Bob Orozco has completed 30 years raising money for underprivileged youth and families of the Laguna Niguel and surrounding communities, resulting in a total of $600,000 to $100,000. He has continued his service and collected many canned goods for the October Food Harvest through his initiated canned fitness programs. He has volunteered as a Marshall for the 4th of July run for the parks for 30 years. During this periOrozco_Bob.Laguna Family YMCA2od, he recruited hundreds of volunteers to help. His philosophy is “that it is better to get ten people to do the work than do the work of ten people.” When there is work to be done at this Y you can count on Bob Orozco to be there. Does he exude enthusiasm and dedication when performing his service? Yes, he welcomes all members each morning at 5:30 AM Monday through Friday, helps the staff with opening duties such as making coffee, and assists where ever needed. This is all before leading 11 senior fitness exercise classes a week. Does his motivation and excitement flow through to the staff and clients he interacts with? Yes, it absolutely contagious. That is the reason why I am still a volunteer and many others have been for years. Has he recruited more volunteers for the YMCA cause? Yes, everyone that has come in contact with Bob has been recruited in either time, finances, or both. He lives the scripture teaching: cast your bread upon the water and it comes back ten-fold. Have clients/ staff members raved about his performance? They don’t rave; they are amazed at how long he has done what he has for the YMCA. But the reason is that he is repaying the YMCA for what he received as an 8 year old… a scholarship membership as a “monthly boy”, what they called a free membership to the Y because his parents could not afford a membership to the YMCA in 1938. Does the Y wonder what they are going to do if he leaves? He will never leave; the volunteers he has recruited will still be here and continue to volunteer. He reminds all volunteers that they received a gift of life from God, and what they do with that gift is their gift to God.




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