Dr. Patricia Adelekan

Adelekan_Patricia (Dr.). Youth on the Move.PNG

Honoree: Dr. Patricia Adelekan

Honored by: Youth-on-the-Move

Cause Area: Education

Dr. Patricia Adelekan is like no other. She is always thinking about others –youth and seniors alike. This is her 30th year Anniversary of running Youth-on-the-Move, Inc. I watched her over the years make a difference in the lives of students, families, and seniors like no other. She is the founder of several non-profit programs; the youths are positive members of society contributing to the betterment of others. In 2015 in Orange County, for example, she led a TEAM to honor outstanding educators from (1) the Armed Forces (Jr.ROTC and its teacher at Santa Ana High School and Tuskeegee Airmen); (2) Law Enforcement and a host of other educators – including international educators. She led the TEAM to publicly honor over 1,200 youths who participated in various programs, including an essay contest and a speaking contest. She engages positive community role models and retired role model teachers to help impact the youths and to build bridges and understanding and excellence among the generations. Dr. Adelekan is indeed a visionary and as one of her admirers has said, “she brings a galaxy of diversity into whatever she does.” I highly recommend her for this honor.


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