Fred de Avila

de Avila_Fred.Western Youth Services

Honoree: Fred de Avila

Honored by: Western Youth Services

Cause Area: Youth Services

The most important, and most difficult position in all sports, is that of the Football Quarterback. Western Youth Services is fortunate to have a volunteer “quarterback” in Fred de Avila. Fred began volunteering with WYS in 2011, joining the governing board of directors and providing expertise and guidance during a period of time when WYS experienced significant growth. Coming from an Orange County football family, Fred was a natural to head WYS participation with the Brea Lions Club Orange County North South All-Star Charity Football Game. The quarterback calls the plays, executes the game plan, motivates the players, and leads the team down the field to succeed. Fred truly was our quarterback for the North South Game. His enthusiasm for the game coupled with his passion for the children served by Western Youth Services took the game to the next level resulting in increased exposure for de Avila_Fred.Western Youth Services2WYS and funding for vital programs. Fred’s enthusiasm was infectious as he engaged staff, volunteers, community groups, and sponsors in providing a one-of-a-kind experience, which he referred to as the Superbowl of High School Football All Star Games. He created Fan Fest, providing additional entertainment for the spectators and an opportunity for several community groups to come together on a wonderful summer
evening. Fred also enhanced the game entertainment with cheerleaders, exhibition games, and bands. Being a businessman, Fred has created a playbook for the game ensuring WYS crosses the goal line for many years to come. When it comes to the “spirit of volunteerism” WYS is proud to nominate Fred de Avila. S-P-I-R-I-T, spirit! Hey, let us hear it! Gonna high gear it! ‘Cause Fred’s got spirit!


10 thoughts on “Fred de Avila

    • Fred – without your enthusiasm and leadership the North South game wouldn’t have been as successful and fun! Your ability to see the possibilities that can be reached make it exciting working with you. Thank you for all you have done for Western Youth Services and the North South Charity Football Game.


  1. Fred! Congratulations. This award is so well deserved. You worked tirelessly on behalf of Western Youth Services on the Brea Lions All-Star North South All Star Charity Football Game. We definitely could not have done it without you. You are so appreciated. We are honored to have you as such an active member of our Board of Directors! Thank you and congratulations again.


  2. Congratulations Fred! Thank you so much for all your hard work on the All Star Charity Football Game. We really couldn’t have made these events as successful as they were without your help. We appreciate all that you do for Western Youth Services! Thank you again!


  3. Congratulations, Fred! You are AMAZING! Your dedication to Western Youth Services (WYS) is such a huge blessing! Thank you for all you do on our Board and in support of the Brea Lions North South All Star Charity Football Game! It is truly inspirational! Also, you’re awesome positive attitude is wonderful to be around! I always appreciate seeing you! Thanks for all you have done for the children, youth and families in Orange County, CA served by WYS! You are forever an All-Star to me!!!


  4. Congratulations Fred! Your energy, spirit and love for helping others is contagious! Western Youth Services and the families we serve benefit from all the hard work you have put in to the North South All Star game. And not just the game, the time you devote as a Board Member is invaluable. Thank you for ALL these things and more!


  5. Congratulations Fred! Thank you for your diligence and positive energy. You were truly the MVP of the North South Game. We are extremely fortunate to have you on our team!


  6. What a wonderful opportunity to thank and recognize you, Fred, for the absolutely tireless, dedicated and hard work you have done in increasing awareness of Western Youth Services via the North-South Game. While it does take a team, the team needs its’ quarterback, and that is a position you have held in high regard by the team here at WYS. We appreciate you and your efforts so very much. Under your guidance, the North-South game is on its’ way to becoming the “Super Bowl of High School Football All Star Games”. Congratulations, Fred – you are the essence of an award recognizing the Spirit of Volunteerism!


  7. I’ve worked with Fred on a number of occasions since he began spearheading fundraising and outreach opportunities for Western Youth Services. His charismatic charm and wide range of talents are an invaluable asset to the agency and the populations we serve. Fred’s passion for philanthropy and seemingly eternal flair for connecting the right people at the right time has become the standard to match for all of our events. It is plainly showcased in how the North-South All Star Game has developed into an outing that the community, donors, vendors, and high school athletes alike look forward to every year.

    Thanks for being our North-South MVP Fred!


  8. Congratulations Fred! We are so lucky to have you with us here at WYS. Thank you for all your time and commitment to our agency. You are a true asset.


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