JPMorgan Chase Orange County Volunteer Leadership Group

Team JP Morgan Chase

Team Name: JPMorgan Chase Orange County Volunteer Leadership Group

Team Member Names: Sylvia Pizarroso, Raquel Bone, Emilie McMurray, Marjie Zethraus, Paula Russell, Bri Longfellow, Mark Levine, Megan Kucera, Jeniene Bresnahan, Amanda Stafford, Jennifer Bushnell, Aimee Foschetti, Nancy Anantavara, Ian Leisegang, Kelli Sarna, Krisandra Smith, Elisabeth Clark, Terence Crouch, Abby Chiu, Myeisha Peguero-Gamino,

Honored by: JPMorgan Chase

The JPMorgan Chase Volunteer Leadership Group is a small team of employees that spend an enormous amount of time outside of their “day jobs” in making sure the company’s commitment to the community is heartfelt and impactful. It is through this team that all of the outreach efforts are sponsored, organized and managed. We could not do what we do without the hard work of this team and the efforts of our JPMorgan Chase employee base. Kudos to everyone for a successful 2015 and we look forward to blazing new trails in 2016!!



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