Maria Sanchez and Maritza Martinez

Martinez_Maritza.Kid Healthy

Team Name: Padres En Accion

Team Member Names: Maria Sanchez, Maritza Martinez

Honored by: Kid Healthy

Maria Sanchez has been a lead volunteer for Padres En Accion at Diamond Elementary for approximately 4 years since the program’s inception. Maria always steps up to help on the playground, with parent meetings, to plan special events, or to recruit new parent volunteers. She is an influential figure at her school and leads by example on the playground. In parent meetings, Maria shares her healthy habits with the other parents and motivates others to make healthy changes too. Maria’s volunteer presence is sSanchez_Maria.Kid Healthytrong not only with Padres En Accion, but also in the community in general. In 2015, Maria was recognized by Santa Ana Unified School District as “Parent of the Year”, a huge accomplishment that demonstrates her dedication to the community. Maritza Martinez has been a volunteer for Padres En Accion at Sepulveda Elementary since the program’s inception as well. Maritza is full of energy and sets a good example for students on the playground by being physically active. Maritza can be found on the playground leading dance stations. She uses her creativity to produce dance props for students to use during recess. Most recently, she made “pom-poms” for students to use while dancing, showing her dedication to the purpose of the program and to the students at Sepulveda.



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