Marti O’Neill

O'Neill_Marti.Girl Scouts.jpg

Honoree: Marti O’Neill

Honored by: Girl Scouts of Orange County

Cause Area: Youth Services

Marti O’Neill has had a significant impact on all of Girl Scouts of Orange County (GSOC). Wherever Marti is needed, you can count on her to be there. She has been a dedicated volunteer for over 20 years, and her dedication has been invaluable to GSOC. Marti goes above and beyond her call of duty in helping guide leaders, plan events, work with girls, and provide a positive Girl Scout experience for all. In addition, Marti realizes the importance of recognizing volunteers, and she has always found fun ways to do it. She loves to share her ideas with others! Marti’s dedication to the Girl Scouts of Orange County is demonstrated by the simple fact that she has volunteered her service to us for the past several years, even though her daughter graduated out of the program many years ago. It gives Girl Scouts of Orange County great pleasure to nominate Marti O’Neill for the Spirit of Volunteerism Award!


One thought on “Marti O’Neill

  1. Congratulations! You do such an amazing job supporting, organizing and encouraging the endeavors of all our girls. We are so fortunate! You are deserving of this recognition and many more.


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