Michelle Goldman

Honoree: Michelle Goldman

Honored by: Junior League of Orange County California

Cause Area: Community & Capacity Building

As Junior League of Orange County (JLOCC) Junior League Juniors (JLJ) Manager, Michelle Goldman supports the JLOCC mission, vision, and strategic plan by leading the effort to develop the next generation of philanthropic leaders by creating an engaging and meaningful JLJ curriculum. She is gracious, enthusiastic, and diligent. Even though JLJ had 6 months to get their first event planned and executed Michelle had the entire year’s curriculum developed and organized with the first event well ahead of all goals and expectations. She accomplished all of this while living in Chicago for several months dealing with a family emergency. She has the ability to radiate sunshine throughout the Community Council. She has an infectious positivity that is vital when overcoming obstacles and challenges. The Community Council deals with many moving parts in order to deliver a quality, League-authorized/appropriate event that is both engaging and significant to all involved. Michelle has the ability to take the more tedious tasks and make them somewhat joyful to do. I really appreciate her ability to make others feel happy. She strives for greatness in all that she does. Michelle doesn’t let much get in her way and works diligently to create a quality experience for both League members and the community we serve. Additionally, even though she works on the Community Council she is always seeking ways to assist in our fund development efforts and in spreading the message about our wonderful League. Michelle has a beautiful soul and luminous personality. She represents the League with grace and class and is continually striving to strengthen our League and create a better community by establishing a solid foundation for this important new League project. She hasn’t let obstacles like the ones she faced in her personal life deter her from creating a first-class program that showcases what the best of what the League represents.


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