Mitzvah Meals

Team Mitzvah meals_Temple Beth Shalom

Team Name: Mitzvah Meals

Team Member Names: Cheryl Escoe, Hollis O’Brien, Anthony Schnee, Monica Engel, Elliot Schnee, Abra Negrete, Mary Balmages, Scott Grossman, Sharon Achs, Mark Borovay, Sumi Grossman, Alba Tercero, Sylvia Borovay, Beth Jeffery, Rich Dixon, Trent Ober, Ed Jeffery, Giovanna Graham, Cynthia Wolfenson, Robin Gotterer, Barbara Ulmer, Rita Chemers, Hank Gotterer, Ellen Friendlier, Ingrid Rothmans, Shelly Wellins, Alexi Butts, Steve Belasco, Paula Pitluck, Jeff Merkow, Stephanie Belasco, Cindy Grossberg, Sara Aviram, Harvey Grossberg, Carol Kanofsky, Hollis O’Brien, Allison Pinsky, Henry O’Brien, Len Goodman, Debbie Reaves, Rachel Alm, Gary Holloway, Steve Lipson, Mark Zdunich, Brian Gurwitz, Richard Stein

HonoreTeam Mitzvah meals_Temple Beth Shalom2d by: Temple Beth Sholom Mitzvah Meals

Cause Area: Hunger & Homelessness

There are even more names to be put on the list of amazing people who are always available to help. These are people who you can call on at any time and they will be there to volunteer with whatever task needs to be done. I am grateful for this opportunity to mention by name the many people who have made Mitzvah Meals what it is today. Some have been with the program since its inception while others are fairly new. We have a team of volunteers who are leaders in the area of caring for others. I am blessed to be associated with themTeam Mitzvah meals_Temple Beth Shalom4.
Team Mitzvah meals_Temple Beth Shalom3


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