Our Lady Queen of Angels Church

Team Our Lady Queen of Angels.Southwest Minority Economic Development Assn

Team Name: Our Lady Queen of Angels Church

Team Member Names: John Farmer, Steve Allison, Mary Cosario, Hal Meany, Neill Sullivan

Honored by: Southwest Minority Economic Development Association

Cause Area: Hunger & Homelessness

Our Lady Queen of Angels Church has been involved with us for over 43 years. The congregants have shown dedication and commitment through sharing their many talents; they have provided staff support in almost every service area that we provide to the low income and homeless in Orange County. These volunteers have been constant in their support despite the changes we have had to make in our programs. When fire damaged our site and we were forced to find alternate ways and places to serve our meals, the congregants stepped up to provide an action plan to help us keep services going. Similarly, when we recently lost the support of some of our meal server teams, the Church’s meal service’s team leader, John Farmer, noticed that our staff had begun to prepare more meals and jumped into action to remedy the situation. John went back to the Church and talked with the congregation and some of the Parish’s members. The end result was that the Church members now serve six meals a month instead of the one day a month they previously served. Not wanting to have the homeless eat the same dish at each service, the team created different dishes to reflect the diversity of their Team Our Lady Queen of Angels.Southwest Minority Economic DeVelopment Assnparishioners; from chili to spaghetti and meatballs and from tuna sandwiches to vegetarian tostadas. We so appreciate the Church’s volunteers for being such humble servants to those in need. Last year, we hit a difficult financial crisis with maintaining our new building and trying to maintain services with a growing client population. Upon learning of our plight, the Church decided to assist us with quarterly financial blessings. If we did not have Our Lady Queen of Angels Church’s volunteers and their congregants, our hearts would be broken, tears would roll down our cheeks and we would be at a total loss because the most incredible thing about this group of volunteers is their Love. They truly care about the community and humanity.



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