Roosters Foundation Board of Directors

Team Roosters Foundation Board of Directors.jpg

Team Name: Roosters Foundation Board of Directors

Team Member Names: Michael Krever, Louis Gardner, Steve Smith, Stan Smith, Paul Robidoux, David Selleck, Scott Browning, Ty Woolworth, Bill Ross, Dale Martin, Peter Smith, Randy Fine, Jon Giberson, Dan Stone, Terry Coniglio

Honored by: Roosters Foundation of Orange County

Cause Area: Youth Services

These members go above and beyond to keep the organization going on a daily basis, all uncompensated. Each member spends countless hours ensuring the organization runs smoothly, the funds we raise are donated to the most deserved and needed charities, and the wonderful image of the 39-year old organization remains untarnished and in high regard. The Roosters Foundation success continues because of these great gentlemen.


One thought on “Roosters Foundation Board of Directors

  1. I am so proud to be a part of this organization. These gentlemen exemplify selflessness and generosity. Thank you guys for helping make this world a better place!


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