Union Bank Orange County Volunteer Champions


Team Union Bank OC Volunteers

Team Name: Union Bank Orange County Volunteer Champions

Team Member Names: Brenda Hale, Jose Carlos, D’Adrianne Rystad, Tina Robinson, Jason Spriggs, Ana Galindo, Sheik Sattaur, Jessah Paul Montecillo, Rossina Gallegos, Eduardo Salas, Danny Tran, Ana Mendoza

Honored by: MUFG Union Bank, N.A.Team Union Bank OC Volunteers2

Union Bank employees are committed to giving back in the areas where they live and work. In 2015, Union Bank contributed 65,097 service hours. From this number, 7,916 hours were dedicated entirely to providing financial education. Also in 2015, 281 Bank Executives volunteered as board members at 446 nonprofit agencies. The group that we are nominating this year, is just an example of the level of commitment that these employees have in trying to make the world a better place for everyone. The Orange County volunteer champions know that their work in the community makes a difference, and they are committed to continuing to give back.



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