Veterans Legal Institute

Team Name: Veterans Legal Institute

Team Member Names: Ryan Esfahani, Bree Edwards, Bryan Fazio, Jennifer Garner, Mike Harrols, Allison Higley, Corey Lovato, Sean Karol, Ashford Kneitel, Eva Llamas, Eric Marangell, Dawn Parsons, Andrew Morrill, Alyte Mazeika, Constance Moorhead, Brian Poladian, Nathan Tabita

Honored by: Veterans Legal Institute

Cause Area: Veterans

The team of volunteers at Veterans Legal Institute represents a diverse crowd of people including veterans, disabled persons, law students, paralegals, college students, licensed attorneys, and retired professionals. They work together in sync to provide high quality legal services to veterans, active service members, and reservists that are homeless, low income, disabled, or mentally ill. Each volunteer brings his or her own unique skill set that is invaluable to the veteran clients. As a direct result of the volunteers’ efforts, over 700 at risk and homeless veterans were served in 2015, making Orange County a much better place for the veteran population.


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