Team ICO Pennry.International Crusade of the Penny

Team Name: ICOPENNY “Angels”

Team Member Names: Victor Mendez, Mark Sanchez, Ted Sanchez, Jessica Sanchez, Christopher Sanchez, Cristina Sanchez, Yvonne Davis, Alex Perez, Andrew Perez, Brooke Galschoidt, Alexis Galschoidt, Danny Cruz, Mark Galschoidt, Susan Galschoidt, Kathleen Morin, Eileen Dacy, Mark Jr Sanchez, Raylene Sanchez, Angelene Sanchez, Alex Rojas, Linda Rojas, Linda Ciarmoli, Phillip Ciarmoli, Xiomara Perez, Noemi Cerrato, King (George Ayala) Clave, Sebastian Ayala Cerrato, Barbara Bouse, Olivia Sanchez

Honored by: International Crusade of the Penny

Cause Area: Hunger & Homelessness

The International Crusade of the Penny was founded in 1987 by Mr. Victor Mendez, a Popular “ICON” as a Radio Disc Jockey and TV Host in the Hispanic media. The media and public know him as the Negrito de la Buena Suerte (The Little Black man of Good Luck) or El Bombon de Chocolate (Chocolate Bombon). It started out as a dream to provide assistance and awareness to the homeless, the poor, and the disabled in our community. For the last two years the organization provides food to senior homes. Over the years we have grown in both numbers as well as our mission. To fulfill Team ICO Pennry.International Crusade of the Penny2our mission here in Garden Grove, we have been active in feeding the homeless through cooking meals, providing care packages of food, clothing, and other supplies to whoever is in need. Partnering with different organizations, companies, and fundraising we have succeeded in providing food and necessary items for people in need. This Organization has been recognized by Hispanic Television Networks. The International Crusade of  the Penny will soon air its own FM Radio Station here in Orange County dial 90.3FM-LP Call letters KLIE, which is a radio for the community. Our Radio DJ’s will passionately provide entertainment as well as services and information to assist the needs and goals of nonprofits, including the “Voice” of Our City. Our Radio DJ’s are from our own community and include very popular and well known television and radio celebrities in the Hispanic media. This year our 1st Handicap Queen is Miss Olivia Sanchez. This year’s Kings and Queens have shown outstanding citizenship and dedication. They have all gone above and beyond what was expected of them. Each King and Queen spent countless hours setting up, preparing food, serving meals to the homeless, and cleaning up. In addition to feeding the homeless each King and Queen has hand delivered food and care packages to the less fortunate in the Community. During the summer the Kings and Queens set up and run a fireworks booth to raise money for the organization. Each and every one of them are outstanding citizens who also tutor and mentor students with severe learning disabilities under the guidance of Members that are passionate about “Making a Difference” in the lives of others and in education.




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